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A World of Opportunities

The need for biofuels is here today, and is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years. With the situation as tense as it is in the middle east and with world reserves of fossil fuels running out, every nation on earth is now looking towards alternative energy sources as a way to obtain "fuel independence" and a reliable source of power for future generations.

Add to this picture the ocean of waste industrialized society has created, and it becomes obvious to everyone that "waste-to-power" engineering is going to be the only way to power the planet, or even to save it. With this goal in mind...

  • We have the technological ability to convert vast amounts of waste to fuel and energy

  • We can also convert diverse waste streams into 100% resellable products

  • We have the engineering skills to do this economically and with a high ROI

  • We can accomplish all this without harming the environment in any way

  • We are committed to becoming a global leader in the waste-to-energy industry

Levels of Involvement

This is an ideal position for private investors, utility companies, corporate entities, branches of the military, local municipalities, and national governments. Plants can be designed and built with our modular components in an astonishingly short period of time. Relief from various waste problems (like overcapacity landfills) can be felt almost immediately, and a high ROI can be expected in a relatively short time frame.

  • Start-up costs are low

  • There is no negative environmental impact

  • In some instances we can help with funding

  • Labor/Maintenance costs are minimal

  • We can build a plant almost anywhere in the world

This is for you if you purchase power or fuel to resell, or use large amounts of either (like a mass transit authority). Our plants can produce electricity directly and can also produce Thermogas™ (a 100% equivalent of natural gas), recovered oil, ethanol, diesel and other liquid biofuels. All of these fuels have a high caloric value, are as clean or cleaner than the products they replace, and can be produced in commercial quantities at very competitive rates.

  • Cost per gallon (or cu ft) depends on usage and proximity to plant

  • Carbon credits are available

  • Fuels can be tailored to your specific needs

  • As long as there is waste, you will have power or fuel

We can reclaim many different resellable commodities from the diverse waste streams our plants utilize. Tires for instance yield steel, hi-grade carbon black, and recovered oil. Gold and other precious metals can be obtained from e-waste. And biomass processing can produce a variety of plastics, glass, and different fuels. These products can be contracted on a volume or tonnage basis.

  • Only our low heat pyrolysis can produce hi-grade carbon black

  • Our conversion processes produce the highest grade gas and fuel in the industry

  • We can supply resellable products on a continuing basis

  • E-waste does not have to be shipped to China for processing

We can utilize almost any kind of waste stream to fuel our waste-to-energy facilities. Used tires, electronic waste, biomass, oil sludge, and wood chips are just a few of the common materials we can convert into resellable goods, fuel, and energy. We can work with almost any supplier/broker of these wastes as long as the tonnage is sufficient to sustain plant operation.

  • Getting rid of municipal wastes can save millions of dollars in landfill costs

  • Not having to ship e-waste to China can make this waste stream more profitable

  • Wastes are converted 100%, so there is no negative environmental impact

  • Our technology can replace costly, environmentally dirty incineration plants

Investors don't understand the technology or the business model behind waste-to-power conversion. Although they see the potential of this industry, they cannot distinguish between real-world engineering and the science fiction so many fly-by-night companies are promoting. We need savvy brokers and deal facilitators to bring this opportunity to the investment community.

  • Financing and deal brokering for waste-to-energy facilities is virtually virgin territory

  • The average deal is well into 7 figures

  • The time frame from contract to a fully operational plant is very short

  • Helping waste-to-energy plants get funded is a good thing for the planet

Major energy users should consider investing in our operations to insure a stable and continuous supply of power for future needs. Governments too need that kind of assurance and stability for sustained national growth. And private industry needs to take a stand, and give back some of what they've taken to insure our survival as a nation. Finally, distribution outlets (today's gas stations) can look forward towards becoming dispensers of tomorrow's biofuels.

  • Investing in waste-to-energy conversion can insure future profitability of corporate America

  • Nations cannot afford to be oil dependent any longer and must look towards alternative fuels

  • We are running out of places to bury our waste. Conversion is the only viable solution.

    Notice: Thermogas™, Bio-Char™, and Thermolyzer ™ are all trademark names of Thermolyzer, LLC