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Customize your own waste to power plant

Waste to Power Plants

With our unique modular construction Thermolyzer™ Waste to Power Plants can easily be scaled up or down to accommodate waste streams of any size or composition. Standard plants vary in capacity from 4-150 tons of feedstock per day, and can be fully operational in a matter of weeks.


Recovered/Resellable Products

Depending on the feedstock, a variety of useful resellable products, power, and bio-fuel may be produced including:

  • Thermogas

    This is a natural gas substitue that burns just as clean. It can even be used in gas turbine engines and meets California and European clean air standards.

  • Carbon Black

    We recover hi-grade resellable carbon black, not useless waste like other systems.

  • Bio-Char

    Biomass produces bio-char (sequestered carbon) that can be used as a hi-grade fertilizer. It may potentially also be used to earn carbon credits.

  • Coke and Charcoal

    Coke can be used in the manufacture of steel, and the charcoal produced may be used  as a replacement fuel for heating purposes.

  • Steel

    Steel can be extracted from the recovery/conversion of waste tires.

    Notice: Thermogas™, Bio-Char™, and Thermolyzer ™ are all trademark names of Thermolyzer, LLC