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  • Our technology actually works

    Not just in the lab, but in the field as well. There are a lot of "pie-in-the-sky" waste to power companies in the marketplace today. Although their technology may look good on paper, it either doesn't work in the real world, or can't be scaled up for commercial operation. Our prototype plant has been operating successfully and continuously in Germany for nearly 14 years.

  • We use the entire waste stream

    From Bio-Mass to used tires... whatever the waste stream, we use it ALL for feedstock, converting 100% of your waste into resellable products (like hi-quality carbon black, steel and other metals),  power,  fuel, and carbon credits.

  • Our plants are scalable and flexible

    No matter what size plant you start with, it can grow in capacity to meet your ever increasing needs. And you are not locked into one specific waste stream. Plants can be modified to accommodate different feedstocks, if in the future you choose to process a different kind of waste.


we make profitable, environmentally responsible waste-to-energy systems

Continuous, self-feeding operation

The gasifier reactor processes feedstock on a continuous basis, producing Thermogas™ 24/7, which is also used to fuel the reactor's gas turbine.

Clean & powerful

The only emissions from our conversion process are Thermogas™, minimal char, and burner exhaust (equal to burning natural gas), which meets California's tough emission standards.

Multi-use biofuel

The conversion system produces Thermogas™ (a 100% replacement for natural gas) and biofuel substitutes for ethanol and diesel fuel, as well as hi-quality cabon black.

Worker safe & friendly

Our units operate at low pressure and at low temperature as well, so workers never have to contend with molten or corrosive products.

Feedstock flexibility

The gasifier reactor can convert all forms of carbon waste to energy, with no minimum feedstock size.  Tires, bio-mass, waste oil, etc.  are all ideal for our process.

Pre-fab construction

There are 4 reactor designs that can process 24-150 tons of waste per day. These come delivered as skid mounted modules, greatly shortening construction time.

Services we provide

image Every facility we build is custom-designed to suit your exact needs. Whether you are a privately held company, a major corporate enterprise, an arm of the military, a municipality, or a national government... we can build a profitable, pollution-free waste-to-energy facility for you.

We will also design your facility to architecturally blend with the landscape, so it won't be an industrial eyesore.




Notice: Thermogas™, Bio-Char™, and Thermolyzer ™ are all trademark names of Thermolyzer, LLC

image Our plants utilize Thermolyzer™ (low heat pyrolysis) and continuous gasification technologies to insure 100% of your waste stream is converted into resellable products, power, or biofuel. The conversion processes we use are the latest, most efficient, and profitable in the industry. They have been field-proven with a facility in Germany that has been operating continuously for the past 14 years. Plants are also worker friendly, and do not require highly sophisticated personnel to run them.

image Completion bonds are avilable to insure plants are built on time and to specification. In many cases we can also assist in funding your project.


In most situations local workers (overseen by our field engineers) can complete much of the plant assembly, since many components are modular in design. Designed this way plants can be fully operational in an amazingly short period of time.




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